Painting Preparation

From pieces of furniture, fitted bedrooms and kitchens, we take pride in our expert finish. We don't just paint kitchen cabinets, our team of professionals put time and dedication into each project to create the dream look that you desire. 

Kitchens/Fitted Bedrooms

  •  Benches/islands and other worktops/items are covered with dust sheets to protect them from paint or tools.

  •  Our team will start to remove all the doors, drawers, plinth and anything else that can be removed. These pieces will be moved into our van, ready for delivery to our workshop.

  • Anything that cannot be removed will be cleaned and sanded, undercoated and top coated on site. Everything is taped up and covered to avoid paint getting on the wrong surfaces.

  • Once the items arrive at our workshop, they are given to a member of our team to thoroughly clean each piece to remove any dirt, grime or grease that may be clinging to the doors/drawers.

  •  Sides of all the doors and drawers are then sanded and any imperfections, agreed with our customer, are corrected. If you are changing handles then the existing holes are filled at this stage.

  • Once they are properly prepped (along with the cornice, plinth and anything else we brought back) they will be given a coat of undercoat. Without this, the paint has nothing to hold on to, so it is a vital stage. On occasion, a second coat of undercoat is required.

  • Once dried, everything is sanded again to ensure the top coat has a good surface to adhere to.

  •  Everything is given two coats of top coat in the desired colour and left to fully dry.

  • The doors etc are then bagged in specially made bags to ensure any damages are prevented in transit. We then deliver them back to the house and re-fit everything.

Furniture items

All furniture pieces go through the same process as the kitchens once they arrive at our workshop. Before cleaning, they get dismantled – all handles, doors and drawers are removed. Once we have finished painting furniture and they have dried, we then put the pieces back together ready for delivery.